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Nano-coating Makes Coaxial Cables Lighter

Rice University scientists replace metal with carbon nanotubes for aerospace use Common coaxial cables could be made 50 percent lighter with a new nanotube-based outer conductor developed by Rice University scientists. The Rice lab of Professor Matteo Pasquali has developed a coating that could replace the tin-coated copper braid that transmits the signal and shields […]

Nanotube Fibers Being Tested as a Way to Restore Electrical Health to Hearts

Rice University, Texas Heart Institute will study soft, conductive fibers’ ability to bridge scar tissue Rice University and Texas Heart Institute researchers are studying the use of soft, flexible fibers made of carbon nanotubes to restore electrical conductivity to damaged heart tissue. With support from the American Heart Association, these institutions will test the fibers’ ability […]

Carbon Nanotube Fibers Make Superior Links to Brain

Rice University invention provides two-way communication with neurons Carbon nanotube fibers invented at Rice University may provide the best way to communicate directly with the brain. The fibers have proven superior to metal electrodes for deep brain stimulation and to read signals from a neuronal network. Because they provide a two-way connection, they show promise for treating […]