Evaluation of CNTs as raw materials for wet fiber spinning operation.

DexMat has the capability to process low-defect, single-walled, and few-walled CNTs into fibers and yarns. 0.5 grams of CNTs are required to evaluate whether fibers can be produced from any given CNT material. If the evaluation shows that the CNTs can be processed into fibers by DexMat, then the customer will have the option to purchase fibers made out of these CNTs.

Insulation of Galvorn CNT Yarns.

For a fee, DexMat will insulate Galvorn CNT yarns with either heat shrink tubing or by braiding nylon thread around the Galvorn CNT yarn. Currently, insulation is only available for select sizes of Galvorn CNT yarn.

EMI shielding of cables using braided Galvorn CNT yarns.

Galvorn CNT fibers or yarns can be braided over cables to serve as an EMI shield. DexMat can braid over a wide range of cable diameters. In addition, DexMat can also braid nylon thread over Galvorn CNT yarns to insulate the yarns.

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