Create the next generation of high-performance smart clothing and gear.

Galvorn combines the conductivity of metals, flexibility of textile threads, and durability of high-end polymers into one material.

Galvorn unlocks the immense potential of smart clothing and gear.

Conductive, lightweight, comfortable yet durable. Galvorn carbon nanomaterial is available today in the form of fibers, yarns, and fabrics.

All the properties you love—in a single high-performance material.

The beauty of Galvorn is fewer trade-offs.

More conductive

With 10x more conductivity than stainless steel thread, Galvorn can unlock new applications. With better conductivity than copper at high-frequencies... the next generation of smart clothing and gear is just waiting for you to create it.

AND Stronger

Weight for weight, Galvorn (at 3.0 GPa) is 10x stronger than some of the strongest forms of steel—and 30x stronger than stainless steel and other common structural steels. Yet for all its strength it’s less than ¼ the density.

AND More lightweight—yet durable!

Galvorn is 1/3 the weight of silver-coated polymer fibers and its conductivity lasts through regular laundering. A major pain point of traditional hybrid metal and textile threads is that washing decreases their electrical performance. Create garments that last with Galvorn.

AND Soft and flexible

Galvorn is as soft and flexible as cotton. Its superior strength allows it to be sewn, woven, or embroidered like a traditional textile thread. The fibers and yarns can also be made in a wide range of sizes, helping achieve the right fabric-like consistency.

AND Cut-resistant

A good swing of an ax won't cut Galvorn. If that doesn't convince you, check out this recent study where Galvorn fibers outperformed Kevlar, Dyneema, and fiberglass fibers in cut-resistance, demonstrating the potential for Galvorn in cut-resistant garments and gear.


WITH Carbon-negative impact at scale

Galvorn locks carbon into a high-performance material that can displace dirty, GHG-intense incumbents like carbon fiber, steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

Capacitive sensing? Galvorn has that too.

Capacitive touch sensing technology plays a key role in wearables, as well as smart garments and gear. Galvorn yarns have a very high surface area, making them excellent at interfacing electrically with the human body. Watch the video!

And because they can be handled like a textile thread, they can be blended with other textile yarns to make garments and gear that has complex electronic functionality without sacrificing comfort or weight.

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