Galvorn CO₂ Life Cycle Analysis

This CO₂ life cycle analysis was done to evaluate the carbon-reduction opportunity that Galvorn represents. Read the report to understand:

The five components of Galvorn's CO₂e impact

How CO₂e from Galvorn production beats metals within 4-6 years

How Galvorn's annual net CO₂e impact can reach gigaton scale in < 20 years

DexMat_Galvorn CO2 Life Cycle Analysis_cover

Key highlights

-1.1 ton CO₂e

DexMat can achieve -1.1 tons CO₂e per ton Galvorn produced.

1 ton : many

1 ton of Galvorn can displace many tons of dirty incumbent materials

-50 tons CO₂e

In 25 years, every ton of Galvorn can achieve -50 tons net CO₂e impact

-2-3 GT CO₂e

Galvorn can achieve -2-3 gigatonnes CO₂e annual impact.

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