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Our mission is to drive the next industrial revolution by making metals and materials that negatively impact the environment obsolete. Simply making things “greener” isn’t enough. The future demands new materials that redefine what’s possible across industries.

Galvorn defies conventional climate wisdom

That’s because the more of it we produce and use, the less climate impact industries have. Here’s how:

Capturing and storing carbon

As a carbon-based material, Galvorn locks carbon into long-term storage, where it can’t contribute to global warming.

Displacing dirty materials

By displacing steel, aluminum, copper, and other materials with a heavy climate footprint, we’re pushing gigatons of carbon emissions out of global industry.

Diverting methane

By using methane (CH4) as a Galvorn feedstock in the near term, we’re preventing methane from directly entering the atmosphere (where it’s a potent greenhouse gas) and diverting it from combustion (where it would exhaust more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).

CDR/DAC and renewable natural gas

By using renewable natural gas as a feedstock and, in the longer term, using captured carbon dioxide (CO2) as technologies such as carbon dioxide removal (CDR) and direct air capture (DAC) mature and scale, Galvorn production becomes heavily carbon negative.

Renewably powered manufacturing process

Our production process uses electricity; when powered by renewable energy, it has a zero-emissions energy footprint.

Clean hydrogen byproduct

The primary byproduct of Galvorn production is clean hydrogen, itself a climate-friendly fuel and intermediate feedstock of green ammonia and other fuels.

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