There is nothing a team of mission-driven, motivated humans can't do. We choose to shoot for the moon with optimism because we know we have what it takes to get there.

Bryan Guido Hassin headshot

Bryan Guido Hassin

Dmitri Tsentalovich headshot

Dmitri Tsentalovich, PhD

Cofounder and CTO
Matteo Pasquali headshot

Matteo Pasquali, PhD

Cofounder and Chief Science Advisor
Colin Young headshot

Colin Young, PhD

Senior Research Scientist
Sofia Izaguirre headshot

Sofia Izaguirre

Production Operations Engineer
Patrick Talley headshot

Patrick Talley

Business Development Manager
Lisa Piguet headshot

Lisa Piguet

Bari Norbana headshot

Barivure Norbana

Production Technician
Oliver Dewey Headshot

Oliver Dewey

Process Development Engineer
Jill Dupre Headshot

Jill Dupre

Chief of Staff
Maayan Hotam Headshot

Maayan Hotam

Business Operations Catalyst
Asena Hertz Headshot

Asena Hertz

Head Of Marketing


Bernard Duroc-Danner headshot

Bernard Duroc-Danner, PhD

Sunit Patel headshot

Sunit Patel

John Jaggers headshot

John Jaggers

Maury Peiperl headshot

Maury Peiperl, PhD

Corey Billington headshot

Corey Billington, PhD

Scott Nyquist headshot

Scott Nyquist

Sten Gustafson headshot

Sten Gustafson

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