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We did it! Galvorn samples are now 70-80% off.

DexMat was founded on the premise that we can make high-performance Galvorn accessible to all. It’s expensive. We get it. Ultra high-performance material with development funded by NASA and the US Air Force is expensive. But now it’s a lot less expensive to buy sample batches. Learn more in our blog post.

Academic orders get 15 % off.

Doing research? We love it! Contact us for a discount code.

Production order? Big discount.

Significant discounts are available for customers with production-scale orders. Contact us to learn more.

The pricing you see listed below are (still) for small-batch orders only. 

Bulk production orders enjoy significant discounts. Contact us.


Doing research?

Are you contributing to the rapidly advancing science around carbon nanotubes? We want to hear from you. We would love to learn more about your research and help promote it.

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