We did it! Galvorn samples are now 70-80% off.


DexMat was founded on the premise that we can make high-performance Galvorn accessible to all. It’s expensive. We get it. Ultra high-performance material with development funded by NASA and the US Air Force is expensive. But now it’s a lot less expensive to buy sample batches.

Earlier this year we announced a 20x improvement in our demonstrated production capacity, which enabled us to produce larger volumes at lower cost and offer even better bulk discounts to our customers.

Since then additional improvements have made it possible to produce more Galvorn, more efficiently and–most importantly– faster! That means smaller batches are less expensive to run–and it’s why the sample pricing you’ve balked at seen in our online store has been reduced by 70-80%.

We hope this news brings a smile to your face and sparks innovation in your mind. Need more inspiration? Check out our official demo video below.

This is just the beginning. No matter how amazingly Galvorn performs, we know that displacing GHG-intense metals and materials doesn’t happen if we can’t produce it efficiently and offer comparable pricing to the materials we’ve been using for millennia. We are on track to keep reducing costs exponentially in years-not-decades. Our work continues!

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