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CNT Yarn Capacitive Fabric Touch Sensor

DexMat carbon nanotube yarn is conductive, durable, flexible, and lightweight – so naturally, we are excited about its potential to be used in the emerging field of wearable electronics. Because our yarn can be handled like a textile thread, it can potentially be combined together with textile yarns to make clothing with complex electronic functionality […]

Space Elevator Kickstarter Project

One of our customers, Dr. Peter Renteln, has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund experiments in methods of mechanically strengthening carbon nanotube yarns.  Dr. Renteln’s ultimate goal is to help bridge the gap between the current performance of carbon nanotube yarns and the type of performance that might one day make a Space Elevator […]

Carbon Nanotube Yarn with Nylon Insulation

We’ve had a couple of questions about our ability to apply electrical insulation to our carbon nanotube yarn products, so we wanted to provide you with a video showing off what we are currently able to do. We don’t yet have the equipment necessary to apply polymer or rubber insulation to our CNT yarn, but […]

Rice University and Texas Heart Institute: Damaged Hearts Rewired with Nanotube Fibers

Today we want to share the following press release from Rice University in order to shine a spotlight on a newly-published paper about an exciting medical application of carbon nanotube fibers! This work was done by a collection of researchers at Rice University and the Texas Heart Institute in Houston, the University of Illinois at […]

DexMat Carbon Nanotube Yarn + Sewing Machine

Here we show the first part of the process of making a simple wearable electronic display in a t-shirt using our carbon nanotube yarn. We use a standard sewing machine to stitch several long filaments of our yarn into the shirt; we plan to eventually connect these to a battery, an Arduino, and some LEDs. […]

Carbon Nanotube Yoyo

We are still working on the sewing machine video that we promised last week, but in the meantime, we wanted to put together a fun demonstration of the flexibility of our carbon nanotube yarn. Here we have replaced the cotton string on a yoyo with a length of our carbon nanotube yarn. The yarn is […]