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This month in The Lab we'd like to highlight more of the great work being done by Rice University on carbon nanotube yarn applications. Most recently, researchers at Rice have demonstrated 'smart clothing' in which carbon nanotube yarns act as skin-contact EKG electrodes and as conductive wires that carry the EKG signals to Bluetooth data transmitters on the side of the garment. This health-monitoring shirt is comfortable, flexible, and washable. Check out the full press release about this work on Rice's media page here.

Wearable electronics is one of the application areas that we are particularly excited to pursue with Galvorn materials in the near future. You can check out our previous work on lab-scale wearable or skin-contact electrode prototype devices at these past blog posts. It's great to see this integrated demonstration of the technology from the team at Rice!

As always, if you are curious to try out DexMat's Galvorn carbon nanotube yarns, fibers, or films for your particular engineering appllications, follow the link below.

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